The series is a 40 x half hour children’s animation series produced for the BBC, CBBC, Ten Network Australia, PBS & CBC.

Alex and Zoe are two kids who find themselves in an extraordinary situation. After stumbling across a magical portal hidden in the town library they’re led to a parallel dimension,a sophisticated world called Animalia.

It’s a magical place dominated by talking animals, inhabited by zebras in zeppelins, hogs on bikes, media mice delivering news bulletins on blue butterflies’ wings, dragons and unicorns; a drum playing gorilla, prima donna alligator, scheming tiger and one very gallant iguana.

But Animalia is in trouble.

The well-being of Animalia is controlled by the Core – a majestic, magical and massive organic living orb that sits in the Animalian Library. Currently, the Core is not functioning correctly. Ruler of Animalia and keeper of the Core, Livingstone T Lion is not sure what exactly is happening but the Core's instability has led to instability in the world of Animalia.

Alex and Zoe are strangers in this land. They presume superiority to the animals not realising that they also are an animal species. But they soon come to realise that they have a lot to learn... they will have to find their place in this complex and new culture.

Alex and Zoe have been transported to Animalia to help solve the mysteries surrounding the Core and restore stability to the land. On their journey they encounter action, adventure and lots of fun!

Based on the Illustrated alphabet book Animalia by Graeme Base

Developed for Television by Tom Ruegger, Graeme Base, Robyn Base, Jim Eldridge, Bruce Johnson and Doug MacLeod

Executive Producers Graeme Base, Ewan Burnett, Bruce Johnson, Murray Pope & Tom Ruegger

Producers Ewan Burnett and Murray Pope

Writers Tom Ruegger, Nicholas Hollander, Sherri Stoner, Mark Seidenberg, John P McCann, John K Ludin, Deanna Oliver & John Loy.

Director David Scott

The Animalia Trailer on YouTube

Animalia on YouTube

Animalia Episode Synopses

Starring Brooke ‘Mikey’ Anderson, Kate Higgins, Christopher Hobbs, Peta Johnson, Bob Klein, Katie Leigh and Dean O’Gorman.

Animation Houses Photon VFX, Queensland, Australia and Digital Picture Iloura, Melbourne Australia

Music composer Christopher Elves

Opening theme Graeme Base and Yuri Worontschak

Distributors Cyber Group Studios

The Series is nowscreening on ABC3 and around the world.

It has been sold to various other territories including Spain – Canal +, Iran – Irib, Italy – De agostini editore spa, Estonia – etv, Portugal – RTP, Israel – Logi, Norway – NRK and NRK3, Pan Latin America – Discovery Latin America, Finland – YLE, South Africa – SABC2, Qatar – Al Jazeera Children's Channel, Uruguay – Television Nacional de Uruguay, Czech Republic – Minimax, Thailand – Thai Public Broadcasting, Pan Asia – Topsight Entertainment, Kazakstan – Khabar & El Arna, Slovenia – RTV, Hong Kong – Asia Television Limited.

As well as the DVD, a few tie-in books have also been released by Penguin Books. The first wave includes : Colouring In Book, Sticker Activity Book, ‘Hello We Must be Going’ reader and ‘Goodbye We Must be Staying’ reader.

An additional reader of ‘Animalia’s Talent-O-Topia’ will be released in the US.

Awards and Nominations
Daytime Entertainment Emmy® Award – awarded in 2009 to Christopher Elves, composer, for Outstanding Achievement in Music Direction and Composition for his score on Animalia.

ATOM – The Australian Teacher’s of Media Award won in 2008 for the Best Children’s Television Production.

Screen Music Award awarded in 2008 to Christopher Elves, composer, for Best Music for Children's Television.

At the TV Week Logie Awards we were a finalist for
the Most Outstanding Children’s Television Series.

And at the Chicago Film Festival, the show received
a Hugo Television Awards ‘Certificate of Merit’.

Press Clippings – DVD Dribble - Kid's Films - 30 September 08
'This release is a must own for parents of children who adore a vast array of animals.' – 18 January 2008
'With Animalia, a new PBS fantasy adventure series aimed at 6 to 9 year olds, parents can be reassured their kids are getting more than a visual stimulus – they’re getting an education too’.

The Daily Telegraph – Wednesday 14 November 2007
‘An enchanting take of animal magic’. ‘Here is a series that parents may actually want to encourage their children to watch’. Animalia has been transformed from a book into television series with such love and care, that it’s impossible to fault’.

TV Week – Saturday 10 November 2007
‘This new series will strike all of the right notes with those who fell in love Graeme Base’s well known book of the same name. It will also appeal to anyone who appreciates good animation.’

Sydney Morning Herald – Monday 12 November 2007
'The much-loved children’s book by Graeme Base provides plenty of ingredients for a great animated show for children here’.

Sunday Mail – Sunday 16 November 2007 ‘TV Guide’
The TV incarnation of Animalia is a global event’ – Liz Walsh

New York Times – Neil Genzlinger
‘Animalia the television show is no mere alphabet: it’s a universe’.

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune – Neil Justin
‘The show has two goals: teach children about the values of communication while giving them a thrill-seeking crusade that’s as exciting as anything they can slide into their Xbox”’

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