The story is a 3 x 50 minute family mini-series produced for the BBC.

A family adventure film. When chocolate is banned by the newly elected ‘Good For You’ political party, two 13 year old boys and some surprising adult collaborators conspire to undermine this cruel law and bring down the government… Kids can not take this lying down. They use their initiative to take on the government.

Producer Ewan Burnett

Executive Producer Diana Kyle

Writers Alan Shearer & Paul Smith

Director Ian Gilmour

Starring Steven Geller, Anthony Hammer, Gemma Jones, Martin Jarvis

Distributor High Point Media Group

Awards and Nominations
In 2003, an ATOM (Australian Teachers of Media) Award for Best Children’s Drama series

In 2003, a BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) Award for Best Children’s Drama series

In 2004, a TV Week Logie Award for Most Outstanding Children’s Program.

Press Clippings
Radio Times (UK), 7-13 December 2002
'A cracking new adventure is stirring new life into the traditional Sunday timeslot.'

Sunday Express 'Review' (UK), 15 December 2002
'Bootleg is a rarity: a children's drama that's also for grown-ups.'

'Billed as "a family adventure film", the three-part series, shot and produced in Melbourne, Australia, is more popular than a large Toblerone. Last week's first episode drew an audience of more than four million, which is quite an achievement for a teatime series.'

The Age, TV Guide Critic's Choice Section, 24 August 2003
'Imaginative and entertaining.'

The Age, Green Guide, 21 August 2003
'With high production values and a solid almost old-fashioned storyline, it's one that even parents can watch.'

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