Episode 1
Three sisters from the mid 1800’s find themselves transported to a new life as living ghosts. Arriving back at their old house (now a private boarding school), they must work out why and how they came from being dead to being seen by humans while able to levitate and walk through walls. On top of all that it’s 150 years later and times have certainly changed...

Episode 2
Still attempting to settle into life as ‘living ghosts’ the sisters begin to discover the modern advantages to their new environment. There is much fun to be had! Desperate to fit in, Rebecca identifies Christine and her friends as the route to popularity.

Episode 3
Rebecca and Sophie have an almighty argument when one mistakes an innocent moment for sisterly betrayal. Meanwhile Hazel is struggling with a new found ghostly power that allows her to hear what people are thinking. Along with the deafening fall-out from Rebecca and Sophie’s argument she causes chaos of her own during a school Science experiment

Episode 4
A face from the past during a history lesson leads Hazel to search for and confront a memory from her days as a young girl. She embarks upon a private mission that not only sees the return of an old friend but also a less welcome ghostly guest. Meanwhile Rebecca is excited to become David’s ‘study buddy’ in English class.

Episode 5
Sophie is upset to learn that her best friend Charlie is being bullied by Ainsbury’s resident con artist, Maz Baxter. She and her sisters join ghostly forces to take on the bullies and rid Ainsbury School of a complex homework laundering operation.

Episode 6
All is running smoothly for Ainsbury School’s ‘Week of Culture’ until a dusty antique box in the drama class is opened releasing a cheeky spirit called a Baharee. Driving people to do strange out of character things, the Baharee soon causes chaos amongst the students and teachers, including Haiwyn, the evil Deputy Head Mistress.  It’s up to the Ainsworth sister’s to sort it out!

Episode 7
Hazel is distraught to learn that a peppercorn tree that she planted with her mother as a young girl is to be torn down to make way for a new vegetable garden.  Posing as an unwashed, energy saving environmentalist, Hazel starts a campaign intent on educating the school on all things ‘green’. Meanwhile Sophie has a struggle on her hands to convert her peers into literary lovers.

Episode 8
It’s Re-Living History Day at Ainsbury School and the Ainsworth sisters are excited to be part of the celebration of Victorian times. Whereas the rest of the school are very much playing a role, Sophie, Rebecca and Hazel have fun wearing their old clothes and getting a chance to live their old lives. However, before the day is out the pupils run riot as a convict revolt becomes the main event and all Victorian etiquette is lost.

Episode 9
Sophie battles against the seduction of  being popular when she discovers a new found talent for sports. Will she use her ghostly powers to win or will she choose to help Jonathan who is upset to learn that he’s lost out on a trip to Beijing with the Psychics class.

Episode 10
It’s half term break and the sisters discover that family is behind the true meaning of the  ‘modern holiday’. What should have been a quiet time for the girls turns into 24 hours of chaos with one fast spreading illness and three out of control ghostly houseguests.

Episode 11
Rebecca lands herself in hot water this week when Mr Griffith tells her that a continuous string of failing grades has put her place at Ainsbury in jeopardy. If she doesn’t pull up her socks and change her academic fate, Agatha tells her that a decision by the Ghost Council will send all three of the Ainsworth sisters back to full time ghost status

Episode 12
Rebecca’s affections are tested when an old family portrait is unveiled as one of Ainsbury’s hidden treasures. Standing proud in the painting is Heathcliff, one of Rebecca’s former suitors. Desperate to reunite with her, the painting comes to life and Heathcliff jumps free to find his love. But it’s a race against time for Sophie and Hazel to stop Rebecca from kissing Heathcliff thus sealing his presence as a living ghost forever.

Episode 13
Sophie is upset to learn that a new sports facility is going to be built on the site of the old Stables at the school. She immediately sets about trying to find ways to halt the building work and in doing so is possessed by a ghost with a score to settle. It’s a race against time for her sister’s to save her from the power of another and almost certain expulsion.