Episode 1 – Double Trouble
Fergus McPhail and his family arrive in town. Fergus saves Lambert from some bullies and they become inseparable friends. He meets the girl of his dreams, Sophie Bartoli.

Episode 2 – The Best Man for The Job
Fergus arranges for Lambert to stand for school elections with disastrous results. Unwanted relatives make an unwelcome visit.

Episode 3 – Great Expectations
Everybody knows that Fergus’ Mum is expecting a baby except Fergus. He is too busy embarrassing himself on the soccer field trying to impress Sophie.

Episode 4 – Buddies
Lambert joins the buddy system so he can be near Angela. That leaves the way clear for Fergus to play soccer with Sophie. But Richmond and Declan have other ideas.

Episode 5 – The Joker
Fergus and Lambert get caught in the girls shower block trying to retrieve a soccer ball. Richmond and Declan sabotage Sophie’s locker and Fergus gets the blame for that too.

Episode 6 – Row your own Rissoles
Fergus and Lambert stumble upon holiday work with the cranky Captain McCorkindale’s hire boat business. They try to impress the girls with their new boating prowess, but it nearly ends in disaster!

Episode 7 – Goosebumps
Fergus bites off more than he can chew when he appears in a chocolate bar commercial and meets the alluring Tracey Dee.

Episode 8 – In a Jam
Fergus allows himself to be used as a pawn in Tracey Dee’s protest against the marmalade factory. Senga leaves home and into Tracey Dee’s squat.

Episode 9 – The Play's The Thing
Fergus and Lambert write a play together but fall out when they both want different leading ladies. But it’s Richmond who scores the leading male role to Sophie’s heroine.

Episode 10 – Mother of Invention
Fergus inadvertently gives Angela joke inventions for her public speaking contest. Senga returns home with Leon because the Squat has been demolished. Richmond tries to sink Jen’s pram, but Fergus saves the day.

Episode 11 – Just Desserts
Fergus jumps to the wrong conclusion when he sees Sophie’s stepfather, Ben, with another woman. He is faced with a dilemma, to tell or not to tell Sophie.

Episode 12 – Budget Teen
The kids are unhappy with their purchases at Budget Teen. Some astute bag swapping leads to unforseen consequences. Senga becomes apprentice to Dad, which tries his tolerance to the limit.

Episode 13 – Trial Run
Dad decides the whole family must have a dummy run to be prepared for when the baby comes. Mum decides they can do it without her. While the family is out preparing for the imminent birth, Fergus finds himself holding the baby.

Episode 14 – Incandescent Proposal
Fergus returns to school a hero after delivering his Mum’s baby. A misjudgement sees him offering a date with Sophie in return for the coveted drum kit.

Episode 15 – The Grass is Greener
Fergus swaps houses with Rodney but finds the grass is not any greener over the back fence. Senga has an all too brief stint in the complaints department. Dad gets a desk job.

Episode 16 – Cactus
Fergus is thrilled when Dad brings home a large dog which turns into a bargaining chip. But Sophie always one step ahead makes a counter offer and throws a spanner in the works.

Episode 17 – The Act
Fergus and Lambert pretend to be French to impress a couple of girls to make Sophie and Angela jealous.

Episode 18 – A Different Complexion
Fergus is enthusiastic when he thinks the art class is getting a nude model. His enthusiasm wanes when he realises that the model might be his sister.

Episode 19 – Mean
Fergus accepts Jen’s challenge to see who is the better musician. Senga has returned to school but runs foul of a girl who plays a mean trick of her.

Episode 20 – Razzle Dazzle
Fergus takes part in Razzle Dazzle a Tournament of Mind and Muscle. But he learns the hard way about being a team player.

Episode 21 – Manners Optional
Fergus is accused of being bad mannered until Sophie and Angela step in to right the wrongs. Jen cons Mitch to go on a date and Dad ends up on tee vee.

Episode 22 – Every Stick has Two Wrong Ends
Dad reveals embarrassing stories from Fergus’ childhood which results in people assuming that Fergus is adopted.

Episode 23 – Change Partners
Fame goes to Angela’s head and when she starts hanging around the McPhails to see Dad, Fergus gets the wrong idea and thinks she is interested in him. He responds in kind leaving Sophie and Lambert to pick up the pieces.

Episode 24 – A Brush with Reality
Fergus, Lambert and Jennifer’s band is sabotaged at the audition for the School Dance. A reality television crew inveigle their way into the McPhails life with disastrous results.

Episode 25 – Wrong Track
On a bush excursion Fergus gets closer to Sophie, while Lambert shows his true colours in helping Angela at her time of need. At home Dad announces he is taking the family interstate where new prospects beckon.

Episode 26 – Last Dance with Sophie
At the School Dance Fergus glumly prepares to say goodbye to Sophie. But things don’t quite turn out that way. The band is triumphant and saves the day. Dad makes an important announcement.