A stunning new Telemovie based on Fergus Hume’s best-seller. Screened on the ABC, it was delivered in August 2012.

Writer Glen Dolman

Melbourne, 1886: boom-time. Two gentlemen climb into a hansom cab late one murky night. One man climbs out. The second man is dead. The victim's romantic rival, Brian Fitzgerald, is arrested for the murder but refuses to provide an alibi. His lawyer, Duncan Calton, and his wealthy fiancée, Madge Frettlby, are forced to search for the truth themselves in order to save his life. Their investigation not only uncovers a trail of secrets and scandal from opium dens and brothels to the cream of society, but their revelation threatens to tear Madge's family apart. Based on the international best-selling novel by Fergus Hume, The Mystery of a Hansom Cab is now a stunning new telemovie with twists and turns to the very end.

See the Trailer of the show here.

John Waters as Mark Frettlby
Oliver Ackland as Brian Fitzgerald
Marco Chiappi as Duncan Calton Chelsie Preston Crayford as Sal Rawlins
Shane Jacobson as Samuel Gorby Felix Williamson as Detective Kilsip
Jessica De Gouw as Madge Frettlby

The Crew

Executive Producers Ewan Burnett

Producer Margot McDonald

Line Production Manager Ben Lowe

Director Shawn Seet

Production Designer Otello Stolfo

Costume Designer Wendy Cork

Make-Up/Hair Designer Helen Magelaki

Editor Denise Haratzis

Composer Cezary Skubiszewski

Sound Recordist John McKerrow

Distributor DCD Rights

Broadcastor The ABC

Awards and Nominations
In 2012, an ASSG (Australian Screen Sound Guild Award) awarded for Best Sound for a Tele-Feature or Short Run Series

n 2013, a Screen Music Award – presented for Best Music for a Mini-Series or Telemovie—Cezary Skubiszewski, composer

Press Clippings
Canberra Times, 22 Oct 2012
'A criminal underbelly? Check. A murder mystery? Check. A cast of talented Aussie actors? Yes, this series has everything you expect from a local production, but this adaptation of Fergus Hume’s 1880s-set novel is one of the classiest we’ve seen…
A must-see”

Sydney Morning Herald, 22 October 2012
'Based on the best-selling novel by Fergus Hume published in 1886, this classic thriller makes much of the period detail… It remains largely true to the book’s original thrill.
A multilayered saga where notions of honour collide with the promise of society scandal”.

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