The show is a kids TV show appearing every Saturday morning from 10am-12pm on the Nickelodeon Channel on Foxtel.

sn:tv stands for Saturday Nick TV (as in Nickelodeon) and is derived from the hugely popular UK kids show called SM:tv. For each show we have a live kids-only audience that we call the ‘Saturday Squad’. Various kid’s groups and clubs are invited to come along on an excursion to be part of the sn:tv audience.

The two-hour show is comprised of various live segments mixed up with popular Nickelodeon kids sitcoms and cartoons.

These live segments include interviews, comedy sketches, competitions involving the audience, and live musical acts. Three vibrant, new presenters in their early twenties host each episode containing a mixture of celebrities from TV, film, sport and the music industry – participating not only in interviews but also in wacky off-the-wall sketches with the hosts.

Producer MaryAnne Carroll

Director Peter Otts

Performance director Russell Fletcher

Hosts Natalie Garonzi, David Kambouris and Dave Lawson

Guests have included Human Nature, Shane Crawford, Star Girls, Scott Cain,
Gemma Gawned, Krista Vendy, Damien Walshe-Howling to name a few.

Distributor Nickelodeon

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